Fundraising For CLIC Sargent
The kids are currently fundraising for CLIC Sargent to help kids less fortunate than themselves. They will be taking part in a “Scale-a-thon”, so please help us to support this great cause. You can donate at
Our Junior Band
At Mayfield Band, we have a very successful record of teaching youngsters to play to a very high standard, and giving them a love and understanding of music that will hopefully stay with them for life. Many of our players are also inspired to play other instruments outside of the band, while continuing with their brass studies. Children of all ages and experience, including complete beginners, are all welcome, although 7/8 is normally a good minimum starting age in terms of stamina, having the right teeth, and the maturity to be able to practice regularly.

Beginners currently have a half hour group practice session at 6:30pm in the Band hut on Fridays. Once a certain level of competence is achieved, they are then asked to join the Junior Band, who practice at 7.00pm for 45 minutes. Then, if they continue to develop, the juniors are then asked to stay on to practice with the Senior Band at 7.45pm. Once they are considered to be competent players, we will then ask them to play in the senior band at some of our public performances. All children are very different, but if they work hard and do regular practice, a child starting at 8 could be playing with the senior band by the time they are 10/11, and gaining invaluable experience that is not normally available from music education in schools.

Email or call Simon Rudge on 01435 872007.
Youth Band Update
Under current covid 19 regulations the band is unable to meet up. Instead, we meet weekly online on Zoom, and work on virtual banding videos. This is actually really challenging for kids, as they are having to play without any help or guidance. Here they all are working at home, and you can find their latest video under the video tab.